Services for Grantseekers

The Office of Research Development provides in-house consulting and assistance to support all stages of proposal development. If you need help identifying potential funding sources for your project, simply email us to request a meeting.

For a detailed list of services we offer for proposal development and preparation, click  "Services Menu" below and let us know how we can help!

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We seek to build individual faculty and institutional capacity to increase funding success by facilitating resources, educational programming, and administrative support, where appropriate. Examples of development services available include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with identifying funding sources and solicitation analysis;
  • Orientation to external funding "basics" for new and early-career investigators;
  • "Competitive Intelligence" or assessing competitiveness of the proposed project in relation to the funding landscape, and PI and institutional capacity;
  • Help sourcing collaborators, evaluators, strategic partners, etc., to support your project;
  • Review of compliance requirements for implementation of your idea and facilitation of institutional and agency resources (i.e. contacting program officers, training on institutional policies/agency policies, etc.);
  • Facilitation of resources such as outlines, checklists, forms, supplemental documents, templates, sample language and other tools for preparation of various proposal components;
  • Consultation, team-building, and/or project management support for large-scale proposals;
  • Facilitation of peer review panels or analysis of non-funded proposal reviews in preparation for re-submission;
  • Advise on elements of "grantsmanship" and editorial review for grammar, voice, format, and adherence to solicitation requirements;
  • In the absence of departmental capacity, we can provide support with proposal preparation tasks and submission procedures, such as budget preparation, uploading documents into submission platforms, and completing internal routing and approvals, as well as serving as a liaison with OSP to ensure successful proposal submission.

Office of Research Development support services are available by request. Service requests and general questions may be directed to