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If you haven't yet identified a funding source but have a good idea, or simply want to learn about the MSU research enterprise, schedule a discussion with ORD to figure out your next move. 



If you have identified an opportunity and want assistance developing your idea or making sure you're hitting the right mark, check out our Service Plans and work with an ORD staff member to figure it out. 



If you have a group interested in topics related to proposal development, ORD can customize virtual or in-person educational programs on a wide range of topics.


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Early Career Researchers
Build Your Research Base

Early career researchers (ECRs) are professionals in their first four years of research activity, including the period of training; in other words, four years into the research experience following completion of the PhD.

ECRs face challenges with funding, publishing, and career progression.  ORD can help by finding appropriate funding mechanisms, assisting in project development, editing, and reviewing proposal and manuscript documents, and with finding collaborators to build a strong network.

Getting Started

Established Researchers
Distinguish Your Research Career

Established researchers perform independent research with independent funding. They have a demonstrated high level of productivity and a distinguished record of original contributions as a recognized leader in their research field, often serving as mentors and role models in their scientific expertise areas.  

As such, established researchers are eligible funding awards that early career researchers do not qualify for, including service awards, career development awards, and certain fellowships. If you are interested in altering the direction of your research career, mentoring early career researchers, or seeking international training programs, ORD is here to help you.

Upgrade Your Career

Student Researchers
Explore Careers in Research

The opportunity to conduct research either independently or with a Principal Investigator is exciting. ORD can help you navigate new areas so that you become knowledgeable in the research process, whether it’s finding PIs who support student work, becoming familiar with the components that make up funding proposals, or learning about career opportunities in research administration.

Upgrade Your Career