Broader Impacts & Resources

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Resources for Understanding Broader Impacts

What are Broader Impacts?

Resources for Planning and Evaluating Broader Impacts

Resources for Developing Your BI Plan

NSF Broader Impacts; Improving Society

The National Science Foundation’s webpage on Broader Impacts includes examples of broader impacts.

Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) webpage

This NSF-funded program works with scientists and engagement practitioners to build capacity, advance scholarship, grow partnerships and provide resources to help them engage with and demonstrate the impact of research in their communities and society. In 2021, MSU was one of six institutions selected to participate in the Program to Enhance Organizational Research Impact Capacity (ORIC) offered by the Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) Center (NSF Award #1810732).

Broader Impacts Wizard

This tool, developed by NSF-ARIS and Rutgers University, will help you develop a BI plan that will satisfy the National Science Foundation (NSF) BI review criterion and fulfill your interest in communicating your research projects and outcomes.

BI Review Document for NSF Proposals (Guiding Principles 2.0)

This guide was developed to assist NSF program managers, proposal reviewers, and review panels in evaluating the BI component of NSF proposals and to assist proposers with developing their broader impact plans. The document also creates an opportunity for proposers to think critically about how their broader impact activities will incorporate into their research portfolio over time and begin to develop their “impact identity.” (Risien, 2018)

BI Worksheet

This worksheet provides questions that will help guide the development of a successful BI plan.

BI Scoring Rubric

This rubric will help you evaluate the strengths and weakness of your Broader Impacts plan.