Solicitation Analysis

Your funding opportunity announcement (FOA, RFP, Call for Proposals) provides everything you need to produce a compliant proposal. In reviewing your RFP, you should look for the following information:

  • Are you eligible to apply? (PI, institution, appointment type, etc.)
  • Is there a limit to the number of applications from the institution? (Limited Submission)
  • Note the Review Criteria. These may include standard criteria, points for competitive and/or invitational preferences, etc. 
  • How should the application be submitted? (email, federal platform, sponsor website?)
  • Deadline. Is deadline specific to local time or time zone? Are there exceptions for holidays or emergencies?
  • Are there specific page limits and/or formatting instructions?
  • Budget caps or requirements for cost share or matching funds?
  • Who are the identified agency contacts/ Program Officers?

Use the solicitation as an organizational template for writing by preparing outlines for your proposal and the various sections and attachments. Use the language prescribed in the solicitation to create outlines. Labeling key headers will ensure your proposal provides the required level of detail, in the order requested, and integrates the review criteria into the full proposal.