Proposal Preparation Roles and Responsibilities

The following are examples of tasks associated with the development and submission of a proposal and the party typically responsible for each task. These may vary by department, so please check with your Department or Center as to specific processes. If you aren't sure where to start, please email the Office of Research Development for assistance.

Principal Investigator (PI)/ Project Director (PD)

  • Overall leadership and direction of project; team management
  • Technical expertise
  • Coordination with collaborators (including potential subrecipients, evaluators, advisors, etc.)
  • Responsible for data-collection, review of literature, coordination with collaborators, timeline, and scope of work
  • Drafts proposal components (with assistance as requested)
  • Initiates collection of required materials (letters, quotes for equipment, etc.)
  • Responsible for initiating all processes for development and submission

Senior Personnel/ Co-Investigators/ Collaborators

  • Complete proposal components as requested by PI
  • Contribute supplemental documents in timely fashion and in correct format
  • Commit fully to participation and production of quality product (ex. time and effort/involvement in development)

Departmental/College/Center Administrators or Business Managers

  • Responsible for maintaining policies and procedures of the department/college
  • Assist with budget development (locating source info for costs, i.e. salary, travel, student employee, fringe and F & A rates, etc.)
  • Maintain any internally required templates
  • Assist with preparation and compilation of supplemental documents such as personnel docs, letters of support, commitment, etc.
  • Assist with formatting to agency guidance
  • Assist with upload of proposal components into submission vehicle
  • Facilitate internal review and approval; forward to OSP
  • Coordinate with OSP for administrative review

Department Heads/ Deans/ Directors

  • Manage personnel portfolios regarding research expectations and appointment type
  • Support PIs with opportunities and professional development
  • Support OSP protocol by adhering to policies and procedures concerning submission timelines and sponsor requirements regarding responsible conduct of research
  • Authorize cost share, in-kind, and matching funds, where applicable
  • Provide letters of support for projects on behalf of college/department as appropriate
  • Approve final submission as evidenced by signed IAS

Office of Sponsored Projects

  • Serves as Authorized Organization Representative; represent MSU in communication with agencies/sponsors
  • Reviews for compliance with federal, agency, and institutional regulations
  • Reviews proposals for correct formatting, completeness, and accuracy prior to submission
  • Agrees to required assurances and other submission protocols
  • Ensures appropriate notification and processing of regulatory matters concerning fiscal matters, safety and human protections
  • Confirms PI credentials with sponsor
  • Facilitates communication with Program Officer/ Sponsor Representatives