Request a Program

Our Research Development team can develop and facilitate a wide-range of programs for any audience. Whether you need a 15-minute introduction on our services for your department meeting, an hour-long presentation on the University Research Enterprise for a class of graduate students, or a collaborative workshop to integrate multiple research ideas toward a proposal goal, we want to help! Example topics include the following, however, we are happy to design a program to fit your specific needs. Please contact us by emailing

  • Overview of ORD Services
  • Legislative Priorities for Funded Research
  • Finding Funding
  • Leveraging Institutional Capacity and Collaboration
  • Grantsmanship and Writing Strategies
  • Communicating with Program Officers
  • Using Logic Models for Project Evaluation
  • What Graduate Students Need to Know about Sponsored Research
  • Budgeting Basics for Proposals
  • Team-building and Project Management for Proposal Development
  • Special sections guidance (preparing supplementary documents)
  • Strategic Collaboration and Team Science
  • Logistics of proposal preparation and submission