Building Capacity

A grant is not a gift. Rather, it represents an investment and strategic partnership among stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes. A strong proposal demonstrates an awareness of the expertise, environment, and resources needed to sufficiently address a problem, and how the applicant will leverage both his/her personal and institutional capacity and the sponsor’s investment to maximize resources and be a good steward of funds.

Beyond facilities and personnel, capacity can include social capital, organizational infrastructure, expertise and aptitude. Before preparing a proposal, it is a good practice to assess what strengths and weaknesses you and your team bring to a potential project. A consultation with the Office of Research Development may help you:

  • Establish what capacity is needed to strengthen the project or meet defined competitive priorities
  • Identify and leverage existing institutional resources (centers and institutes, access to participants, materials, data sources, etc.)
  • Build or strengthen capacity by involving collaborators and partners
  • Ensure appropriate stakeholder engagement or representation, if applicable
  • Facilitating the correct agreement mechanisms, such as Memoranda of Understanding, Non-disclosure Agreements, Teaming Agreements, Intention to Form a Consortia, etc.

You will demonstrate your capacity to undertake the proposed work throughout all sections of your proposal.